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Robertson + Associates is an established law firm highly regarded throughout Mississippi and dedicated solely to the practice of adoptiondivorce and family law. Not only do we service the tri-county area making up greater Jackson, we also serve the Delta, Hattiesburg, Meridian, North Mississippi, the Coast and small towns everywhere in between.

We guide high asset, high income and otherwise resourced individuals through divorce, child custody + visitation, property division, alimony, child support, prenuptial + postnuptial agreements, paternity, post-judgment modification + contempt, alienation of affection, alternate dispute resolution and every other aspect of family law with skill and precision.

We stand up for the little guy too.

We love adoption, and we can help you with private domestic adoptions, agency adoptions through our partnership with 200 Million Flowers, readoptions any other adoption related legal work.

The attorneys of Robertson + Associates are fierce competitors in the courtroom at trial and appellate levels, but continually protect the welfare, safety and financial futures of our clients by negotiating and drafting settlements that promote the interests of our clients, shield them from future litigation, and uphold the best interests of their children. 

You will fall in love with our support team because they have walked a mile in your shoes and they care about you and your family.

For most people, working with an attorney is unknown territory. Family law is especially challenging because so many emotions are present - and rightfully so.  At R+A, we don’t ignore your emotions or take lightly the privilege and responsibility of guiding you through the most difficult time of your life- whether that means helping you protect the best interest of your children or your financial future, the R+A team hustles to put you in the best possible legal position to achieve your goals. Sometimes this means a courtroom fight, for which we are always ready, but more often than not you need a reasoned approach to achieving resolution with a 360° analysis of your situation- weighing the costs, both actual and those associated with lost opportunity, and the intangible burdens on you and your children associated with a prolonged family dispute.  We know some lawyers are difficult to contact, so we are as accessible to our clients as humanly possible.

It sounds crazy, but we love what we do.

All We Do is Family Law All Day Every Day

We do not close loans, we do not file bankruptcies, we do not chase ambulances, we do not bill insurance companies- all we do is family law all day every day. It is all we have ever done and all we will ever do. The knowledge necessary to practice only family law in Mississippi is not only manageable, it is perfectible. Well intentioned “general practitioners” have more to know than they could possibly master. We work in the gray areas of Mississippi family law. We look as hard for what is not there as we do for what is there. Would you hire a family doctor to perform a heart transplant? Family law is open heart surgery.

We eat, drink and sleep family law. We only speak at family law gatherings, all of our continuing education and training is in family law, all of our bar activities are focused on family law- we are lasers, not shotguns.

Goal Centered

At R+A we are goal centered.

At the very first meeting, we put your goals and a plan of action in writing- every time.  This is something that many well-intentioned lawyers miss.  How can your attorney help you if they do not know what you are trying to achieve? They can’t.

If you can’t yet articulate your goals, we explain your legal options and guide you through the process of identifying your destination- creating a roadmap to get there. Sometimes our advice is that you should not do anything. If our advice puts us out of work, that’s a good thing, right? Unfortunately, we don’t have to go around trying to create disputes in families to stay employed. We don’t unnecessarily add fuel to the fire.

We are creative problem solvers who value traditional and blended families.

We Price On Purpose

At R+A, one size does not fit all when it comes to pricing legal services. An attorney that tells you a price without fully knowing your legal situation is selling himself, and more importantly you, short. We start with an initial consultation for a set fee that lasts as long as it takes to find out everything we need to know to completely evaluate what needs to happen in your case and what it will cost. We prefer to do this in person, but we can also have our initial consultation via telephone or webcam. We start with arming you with information while gathering all the necessary facts to quote you a price that is fair and reasonable. Our fee arrangement is always clearly spelled out.

We believe in flat fees, but we have not married them yet.

We think you should know what our services are going to cost before we do anything, but we also recognize factors we cannot control will drive that cost. The calendar, your adversary and the judge, to name a few, are things we cannot control that will determine the ultimate price. We work based upon the traditional billable hour when it is appropriate, but we will also quote a flat fee and give payment alternatives that make sense. We try our best to avoid creating a debtor/creditor relationship with our clients.

We are selective.

We turn away as many cases as we take. We do not overextend our resources; we keep our caseloads manageable so that when it’s time to go — IT IS GO TIME.


We Give Back

You can only work in the reshaping of families based on negative circumstances so long before it gets to you.  We carry our client's burdens.  We cry with them.  We hurt with them.  We leave a little bit of ourselves in the courtroom every time we go.  It is not only the right thing to do, it is imperative for our own health that we give something back.  Our attorneys and support team our involved in our communities and churches.  We believe in volunteership.  In fact, our founding partner recently began a non-profit corporation with the goal of reducing the costs of adoption in Mississippi.

We Serve All of Mississippi

Working statewide gives us broader perspective. We are not part of the “good ole boy” system, but we are proud of our magnolia state heritage and look forward to opportunities to travel around our great state. You probably will not run into us at the grocery store or the ballgame on Friday night. Our kids don’t ride the bus with your kids. We cherish that Mississippi is made up of so many small towns, but we also know that your personal life is nobody’s business but yours. We challenge conventional wisdom, but respect local practices and treat our fellow professionals with dignity – no matter where we are.

Our commitment to technology makes taking our show on the road easy, and while we may not live around the corner, you will feel like we do because you will always stay informed of the progress of your case- and you will hear it from us, not from your neighbor.


We Serve All of Mississippi from Robertson + Associates on Vimeo.


Through my entire divorce it has seemed like you understand exactly what I have been going through and that has been so helpful...
-- K.G.

This is not an easy letter to write. I consider myself fairly astute at putting pen to paper but there are not words enough to express my genuine heartfelt thanks for what you have done for me and for my future. Living 15 hours away created numerous obstacles in trying to hire an attorney that I knew I could trust...
-- S.S.

I wanted to E-mail you two and let you know how much I appreciate everything that you guys have done for me. You both made my divorce so easy. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and, I am so grateful for everything that you did. I think that both of you are GREAT!! I can't say thank you enough!
-- L.D.

I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work in helping to finalize the child support settlement. I know that we got off from the wrong start, but I think that personal stressors contributed to my perception of your work (home-schooling, ex-husband, etc…). You did an excellent job, and I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking expert legal advice. L.C. is very lucky to have you, but I’m sure that he is already well aware of that.
-- Claire

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