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The Art of Divorce

We know you are looking at several different attorneys.  Honestly, there are lots of great lawyers in Mississippi who could help you.  One thing you have noticed about our site is the art.  We surround ourselves with it.  It sets us apart from the others.  You'll see when you visit our office. The immersion in art lends itself to the creativity it takes to solve complex problems.  Our site doesn't look like everyone else's because we are different.  We think differently.  Like what you have read?  Do you think the authors of our copy would be good communicators for you?  Our lawyers wrote it.  Every word of it.

If you are ready to schedule a meeting, we will not make you wait. We provide convenient, priority scheduling for new folks who need our help. Many times someone will see you within a day or two.

Getting legal help is not only the prudent and responsible thing to do, it will make you feel better. You owe it to yourself and more importantly your children to take initiative. Be brave.

When you call our office or submit an intake form, we will only ask for the most basic information to be sure we can help you. If not, we will put you in contact with a trusted professional in our network. While the information on this website is free and we want to speak to you, WE DO NOT PROVIDE FREE CONSULTATIONS. If we did, too much time would be taken away from our committed clients, and we are very serious about helping our clients. The cost of our consultation is reasonable and will provide you with priceless insight. You will often meet with two people in our office because we take a collaborative approach, even in the very first meeting.

At R+E, we think you deserve to be happy, and we believe there is nothing wrong with arming yourself with information. If you are faced with a crisis in your family, do something about it today by contacting Robertson + Easterling.

Download what to expect in our initial meeting HERE.

Special thanks to Steve Adair who allowed us to use his beautiful artwork to give our site its creative vibe.  Also featured is work from Stephen Little and Josh Hailey.

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When you think you are ready to be more informed through customized analysis, the best thing we offer is to sit with you in person or over a conference call to educate you and think through your goals and a plan to accomplish them. This will make you feel better –more informed and more in control. You can start the process by simply calling the office or by clicking the link below to confidentially submit an Intake Form and we will contact you.

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Listen to this groundbreaking podcast for deep discussions about marriage, parenting, divorce and post-divorce recovery from former clients, mental health professionals and others who work in and around the legal system.