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Madison and Ridgeland

What You Need to Know about Divorce in Madison and Ridgeland


Madison County, Mississippi is in the 11th Chancery Court District which holds Holmes, Leake, Madison, and Yazoo County. Madison County is participating in the Mississippi Electronic Courts (MEC) system, which means after the case is initiated, we can file documents from the convenience and privacy of our office.There are three full time Judges who hear and make decisions on a wide variety of matters, such as divorce, child custody, child support, paternity and other family law matters. They also hear cases involving land matters, probate of estate and mental health.

Once a case is filed in the Madison County Chancery Clerk's office, it is then assigned to a Judge on a rotating basis. We have no control over the Judge assigned to your case, but they are each very experienced. If your case is on a contested track and needs to go to trial, we will contact the Court Administrator, who is the person managing the Judge’s calendar. Many cases do not require a trial. These are called ex parte, which is Latin for “one side only.” Each Judge has one day per week set aside to hear ex parte cases, which is when we have routine Orders entered.

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Madison and Ridgeland
Madison County Chancery Court
11th Chancery Court District

Robert G. Clark, III

Cynthia Brewer

James Walker

Court Administrator
Regina Ferguson 601-855-5512
Sheila Lewis 662-834-1285 
Susan Edgar 601-855-5707

Chancery Clerk
Ronny Lott 601-855-1177

125 West North Street
Canton, Mississippi 39056

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Local Rules for Madison and Ridgeland 

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