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The 800 Pound Gorilla

The family dynamic is extremely complex, even when biological parents are living together. It is no surprise to older parents that smart teenagers will take advantage of these situations to get their way. When parents are no longer unified or married and new love interests and sometimes new step brothers and sisters are added to the equation, an already complex dynamic is exponentially more difficult.  Read More

Back to School

Have you ever had the dream where you were in school and mid-semester you remembered that you had totally forgotten to attend a certain class? The day you finally remember to go, you wander the halls looking for the class and once you find it, the teacher passes out a test. I have this dream every few years and I’m always a little relieved when I wake up. Read More

Q & A About R+A

According to, there are ten questions that a client should ask their prospective divorce attorney. As the founder and managing partner of Robertson + Associates, I thought I would take a few minutes and answer them for you. Read More

Define Your Divorce

My goal is not to be defined by what I do for a living, but define how I do what I do for a living. I think my team and I are doing a pretty good job. As you know if you have spent any time on our site, I am open about my Christian faith. Obviously, the Bible teaches that divorce is wrong except in very limited circumstances. I think God basically hates divorce, and I admit it is often uncomfortable telling people I am a divorce lawyer- especially in church settings.  Read More

Can One Lawyer Represent Two People in a Divorce?

On occasion I get a phone call or speak to someone about their divorce and they tell me that everything is going to be simple and they are hoping that I can represent both sides. While these calls are a lot easier than the ones where I hear gunshots, screaming and police sirens in the background, there are two very basic problems with this mindset.  Read More

Driving in the Snow in Mississippi and Divorce

This morning a recording of the school superintendant’s voice called my house at 5 am to tell me that school is closed. When I got up and looked outside- it looked like it was just raining. I have been a Mississippian my whole life, and I can easily count on my hands and feet how many times we have had really wintery weather. I am talking about severe ice on the roads or a significant accumulation of snow. Historically if there is even a threat of snow or ice, we shut everything down. Schools dismiss their students, businesses close, people stock up on water and batteries and canned goods and generally freak out. It looks like today is going to be one of those days.  Read More

Being Hit By a Pitch

I had the privilege to play baseball two seasons for Coach Ron Polk. He is an iconic figure in Mississippi State University athletics, the winningest coach in school and SEC history, and a member of College Baseball's Hall of Fame. Although I never made it into any record books and the best compliment I ever received from Coach was on the golf course, not the baseball field, he sends me a birthday and anniversary card every year. He does the same thing personally for every player he ever coached. I’m not talking about an automated email. He sends a hand written card twice a year.  Read More

The Backlash

I used to fish some. In college, my friend Jerry Dupuy and I would ask folks around Starkville if we could fish in their ponds and many would let us. While I am reasonably coordinated, anyone who has done much fishing has had a backlash on an open-faced fishing reel. I admit that I may have had more than others.  Read More

Your Own Brand of Garbage

There is a time in the initial consultation with a potential Mississippi family law client when we have finished talking about all the biographical data, income, assets, insurance and other black and white stuff when I sit back and say, “Tell me your story.”  Read More

The Super Dad Syndrome

Occasionally, Rachel will go out of town and leave me in charge of Mollie Ann and Emma. This past weekend was one of those times. Food? Lunchable- No problem. Entertainment? RedBox- I got this. Clothes? She left them out. Hair? Hair? Hair!  Read More

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