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W.W.M.L.D.: What Would My Lawyer Do??

Remember ten or fifteen years ago when people began wearing “W.W.J.D.” bracelets, which stood for “What would Jesus do?”  The premise behind these bracelets was that before a person acted out, they would see their bracelet on their wrist and ask themselves what Jesus would do in their situation.  Hopefully, asking yourself such a question would deter you from doing something that you might regret. Read More

How to Win a Child Custody Case in Mississippi

There are few relationships that are as important in our society as the parent-child relationship. Child custody cases are the most difficult in all of the law.  Jesus said that children are the very center of his Kingdom, and I strongly believe that absent unusual circumstances, a child needs both parents to be an active part of their life.  Men and woman are simply equipped differently to nurture their children.  I could spend my time in this article talking about theAlbright factors and strategies for convincing a judge that your child should be in your physical or legal custody, which is common sense but something I have had great success doing through the years, but I am going to take a different approach today- one developed from over a decade of experience and enriched by being the father of two precious daughters.   Read More

Why My Firm Is Going Green

Going green is pretty much a cliché these days- even in Mississippi where our embracing of forward thinking ideas is proudly often as slow as our speech.  It feels more like a marketing pitch than it does a commitment to our planet.  I would be lying to you if I said that I always make a conscious effort to reduce my carbon footprint.  My wife drives an SUV, we take our recycling bin out about once a month because we are hit and miss with putting the right stuff in it and despite my best efforts, we still use a ton of paper in my office.  So why would you, a potential divorce or family law client in Mississippi, care anything about a small law firm’s ideas about going green?  Well, let me tell you some of my thoughts and you can decide for yourself. Read More

In The Bubble

My dad worked as an electrician for over sixty years.  He is retired now, but I believe that a great deal of my work ethic is directly attributable to him.  He is probably the hardest working person I know.  Through the years, I worked with him on and off- I have an electrician’s tool belt and everything.  I tell people all the time that I know just enough about electrical work to burn a house down.  Many times while on the top of a ladder measuring where a light should go, if it was close enough my dad would borrow a word from the carpenters he worked around for many years and declare, “It’s in the bubble.”  That’s a way of saying that something is where it needs to be- taken from the bubble that is in a spirit level which marks when something is level or plumb. Read More

The Roller Coaster Ride

Being a divorce lawyer is a relatively recession proof occupation.  Unfortunately, the volume of Mississippi family law conflict is endless.  People are going to have relationship problems and they are going to need legal counsel, regardless of their ability to pay for the services.  That is just the way it is.  For many people that may be reading this, their occupation is not “recession proof.”  Maybe you have suffered a job loss or a failed business or you are the spouse of someone who has.  Many people I know and represent, mostly victims of circumstance, have suffered repossessions, foreclosures, bankruptcy or other negative financial consequences.  Read More

Your Story Ends in a Funeral

I had a dream that woke me up early this morning mad and then grateful.  Rachel and I were traveling in the mountains and we were both in separate cars.  She was with her mom and I had someone with me too.  I think it was a friend but I am not totally sure- you know how dreams are.  The kids were with her and they were supposed to be following us to a scenic area.  I went to the spot, and she didn’t show up.  I thought to myself that maybe I have the wrong place.  So I called her.  She didn’t answer.  I looked for her vehicle, but she was nowhere to be found.  I unsuccessfully called her again.  I drove around- still no Rachel and still no kids.  After what seemed like hours, I finally got her on the phone and she dismissively told me that she made another plan and basically I was out of luck.  In my dream, I went crazy.  I was yelling at her words to the effect “What gives you the unilateral right to change our plans and take the kids?”  Thankfully, in the middle of my rant, I woke up and my kids were safely in their beds and Rachel was sound asleep next to me.   Read More

The Divorce Card

 The guys at my old office were big tennis players. I got into it for a while. As you know if you play or have ever watched tennis, to win a game beyond a "deuce" score which means both players have scored three points, a player must win two consecutive points. This type of tennis scoring is known as "advantage scoring." In “ad” scoring, the player who wins the next point after deuce is said to have the advantage. If the player with the advantage wins the next point, that player has won the game.  Read More

Cell Phone Bills Can Talk

I did not get my first cell phone until well into my legal career.  Almost everyone has one today.  Cell phones have changed life as we know it- in some ways for the good and in some ways for the bad.  Cell phones have made checking email, finding movie times, checking football scores, updating your Facebook status and pretty much everything else you see in an iPhone commercial easy.   But they have also made driving more treacherous, unplugging from work impossible and they have increased the temptations of intimate communication with someone else’s spouse. Read More

When It's About the Principle

If you know our team at R+A, or if you have checked out our biographies, you know there's not a mental health professional in the bunch. We attorneys are called counselors, but that means counselors at law. We are technically no more qualified to give advice on psychological issues than the next person, although it seems we are often called to by well-intentioned clients on a daily basis.  Read More

Prenuptial Agreement? How Romantic.

Part of being a Mississippi divorce lawyer inevitably involves writing and interpreting prenuptial agreements.  While I am not the biggest fan of prenups in first marriages, they have their place in the world, and they are by no means a new development in the law or in culture.  In fact, anthropologists tell us that couples have been contracting marital rights for thousands of years. If anything, I would submit that there is much less thought going into the financial component of marriage than ever before. Read More

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