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When the Preacher Gets Divorced

I just finished rereading Wild at Heart by John Eldredge with a bunch of guys I meet with once a month. Eldredge says in a round about way that the church is full of posers and the preacher is the biggest one of all.  By poser, he means someone who is playing a roll –a man who is wearing a mask for the public, but deep inside is tormented.  Senior pastors are gifted self-starters –leaders.  These achievers are socially acceptable forms of violent men, and the victims are their marriages, families and their health. Nobody is surprised when the CEO of some big company falls into an affair or has kids who hate him, but no, I mean heavens no…not the preacher. Read More

Ten Things About Divorce in Mississippi

No two cases are exactly alike.  While people’s lives can seem similar for sure, what appears to be subtle distinctions on the surface can make a huge difference as to how a situation will turn out.  What follows are ten things everyone should know about divorce in Mississippi, dispelling a few common misconceptions: Read More

Find an Attorney through an Attorney

We have a nifty tool at R+A allowing us to keep up with all sorts of statistics when a potential client submits an intake form to our office.  We have been doing it since October of last year.  About 40 people have been in contact with us for various family law issues who completed our online form, the most prevalent reason being divorce. As it turns out, 28% of people find out about us through an attorney, which is our biggest referral source by a pretty wide margin. Read More

Patience and Poise

I am sitting at the coffee bar in Jackson’s new Whole Foods Market, enjoying a café au lait.  Mississippi has officially gone cosmopolitan, sort of.  The chain, which began in 1980 in Austin, Texas, is one of 365 worldwide for the publically traded company with over $9 billion a year in annual revenue.  While it has a homegrown feel, it is sure to negatively impact true local places such as McDade’s and Rainbow Co-Op.  I like it none-the-less.  Rachel and I care a lot about food, and these folks seem to share our obsession.   Read More

Social Media and Your Divorce

If I meet someone new, especially if it has anything to do with work, I usually jump on Facebook and see if I can find them.  For others, they may check out Twitter, Vine, Instagram or something newer I don’t know about yet.  Of course you can’t get to know someone through their self-edited digital representations, but you at least get a hint about who they are –or at least who they like to think they are.  So what do you do with your social media presence if you start walking through a divorce? Read More


I am reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.  I am going beyond the text by watching old videos online, including a joint discussion with Jobs and Bill Gates of Microsoft that took place in 2007 where they talk about the history of the personal computer and what Jobs called Post-PC devices.  I love reading about business and I’m a little bit of a tech geek, so the 600-page behemoth is a worthy mountain to climb. I am not even halfway finished, but I have come to this conclusion: Steve Jobs success, at least initially, was basically attributable to one thing –timing.   Read More

Frozen Pipes

Like everywhere else, it is colder than usual in Mississippi this week.  No snow.  Just cold.  While we are utterly ill prepared for snow, we do have hunting gear and such to deal with the temperature.  In fact, I wore thermal underwear under my suit Monday morning to court.  It was a first for me.  The night before last, the girls and I had come in from basketball practice, and as we ate and settled in for the night, the national championship football game in the background, we talked about the day’s events and the cold.  “We probably need to leave the water running or something tonight,” remarked Rachel, “So the pipes don’t freeze.” Read More

A Man and His Big Green Egg

I participated in about 30 hours of mediation and prep work this week for a case pending close to two years.  When the substantive components of the agreement had been reached, we started drafting documents and taking a close look at the lists of personal property.   Read More

The One and Only Ivan

Emma was asked to read an award-winning book for school and make a diorama, so we headed to the bookstore to find one.  She’s in second grade.  She had a few choices ----a Newbery Medal and Honor Book or a Caldecott Medal Book.  The Newbery award is given to "the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children.”  The Caldecott Medal annually recognizes the preceding year's "most distinguished American picture book for children.”  In short, one has a bunch of words and the other has pretty much nothing but pictures.   Read More

Mississippi Hates Divorce

Mississippi hates divorce.  Time and time again our legislators refuse to make it easier to get one.  Being the representative or senator associated with divorce is not politically popular, so our system, a creature of statute formed long ago by the predecessors of said elected officials, stays stuck in the 19th century.   Read More

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