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Temporary Hearings in Mississippi

I got up early this morning in eager anticipation of today’s events. It’s game day –the day for my client’s temporary hearing.  Years ago I hung up my glove and cleats and traded them in for a briefcase, laptop and last season’s tie.  The smell of pine tar is replaced with the aroma of coffee and toner.  It’s not sexy, but it is what I’ve got.  Today we compete. Read More

The Grief Cycle in Divorce

I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day. This dates back to elementary school. Do you remember wondering if you were going to get balloons from mom or if that person you like would recognize you? I do. It sucked.  I did not get balloons and I did not get any swag from the little red-haired girl. My mom worked and I wore ugly glasses. I don’t think they send balloons to schools anymore for this very reason.  Good move school administration people. Bravo. Read More

You Should Mediate Your Divorce

Although I have been a divorce lawyer for 14 years, I have never been divorced.  Well, let me take that back, I did get divorced from a law firm one time.  Actually got served with a lawsuit by a big African American guy named Lopez.  He was wearing a three-piece suit on a hot July Mississippi day –sweating like it was nobodies business.  Looking back, it was sort of comical, but at the time, it was serious stuff. Read More

Divorce Remorse

I was talking to a client today I saw for the first time back after Thanksgiving.  When we did our goal sheet, his primary objective was to stay married.  He was working toward that end. Just last week, he and his wife were sharing an intimate moment on their couch at home –her feet in his lap, talking about their kids, watching the fire crackle and drinking red wine. The very next day, she wants to have a meeting to define the terms of their separation. My theory is this-  she put a plan in motion, but she was having a momentary case of “divorce remorse.”   Read More

I’m Divorced, I’m Separated, I’m Miserable, What Now?

Happy New Year! I have been intentionally silent in the blogosphere and email blast world for the last few weeks since our big gala for 200 Million Flowers on December 6th. I guess I was just out of gas, having run so hard in 2012. It took totally unplugging from everything just for the creative energy to start to percolate again.  Even on the last day of the work year I was forced to send a message to a young attorney.  MESSAGE:  If we are going to deal with one another for the next decade or two practicing divorce law in Mississippi, it goes a long way to pick up the phone and talk to me before trying to go around me.  Be a problem solver not a problem creator. Read More

Adoption, Mentoring and Teen Pregnancy

By now you probably know that Mississippi ranks the highest in teen pregnancy nationwide.   Check out this recent news report.    According to Governor Bryant and his Plan to Prevent and Reduce Teen Pregnancy in Mississippi, youth in Mississippi are burdened with high rates of adverse life circumstances such as: Read More

The Strongest Drug Known to Man

A counselor friend of mine from Meridian used to say that the strongest drug known to man is strange nookie.  Wikipedia, the authority on everything, says “nookie” is a slang term for sexual intercourse.  Get it? Read More

Point A to Point B

I am an efficiency junky.  As a family law attorney in Mississippi, this can be frustrating because we operate in such an inefficient legal system.  I tell people all the time that I am a fullback, not a tailback.  I run a few trick plays and juke and jive a little, but most of the time I like to hit the hole and run right at you.   Read More

Love is Creative

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered a sermon in 1957 at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church.  It is definitely worth hearing.  He said the following: Read More

Go Buy a TV

I have gotten on this kick where I like salmon for breakfast –whether it be in an omelet or on a bagel or served Benedict style, throw in some tomatoes, purple onion, cream cheese and capers and it is on.   If you are feeling frisky, you could include a little spinach for color.  While I have been trying to cut carbs lately, for breakfast, especially one including “pink fish”, I make an exception. Every now and then I will go to breakfast by myself.  It is a good way for me to clear my head before I get in to the office to face the day’s challenges.  Read More

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