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I’m going to say something that could not be more of an understatement.  Cancer is a drag.  My experience with the disease is next to non-existent, until now.  My sister was diagnosed with leukemia about a month ago.  The doctors kicked the cancer’s butt, but in the process, they took out the good stuff she needs to fight the everyday bad stuff we don’t even think about.  Now minor infections and yeasts and molds can be life-threatening.   Read More


The ICU waiting room is a terrible place.  I spent 3 days there this week.  One of the reasons I am not a doctor, other than not being smart enough, is because I hate hospitals.  The people that work there seem to be okay, but the buildings themselves depress me. Read More

Cowboy Up

I went on a Christian men’s retreat last summer to Wyoming which was led by a counselor friend of mine named Phil Hardin.  Come to think of it, four counselors were on the trip, including Ron Mumbower and Don Waller from Summit Counseling, a ministry of First Baptist Church in Jackson.  Also in attendance was Roane Hunter  --he’s a great, up-and-coming counselor who is originally from Delta East, which is Macon, Mississippi if you didn’t know.  Roane and his wife Eva will specialize in recovery from sexual addiction, which is a very real thing although it is not included in the DSM-IV (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by the American Psychological Association). Read More

Piglet on Divorce

After catching a few minutes of Winnie-the-Pooh on television the other night, Mollie Ann wanted to read a little, so like the traditionalists we are, we got out the iPad and pulled it up.  We started where we left off before: Read More

Help Yourself During a Divorce

I was a baseball player in high school and college.  It was a big part of my identity until I was around 21 or 22.  I still occasionally have people remember me as a ball player, even though I was on the field very little at Mississippi State where I landed after leaving a scholarship to Mississippi College.  Hitting was my favorite part of the game.  It was a little war between the picture and me.  The battle at home plate is mostly psychological, just like the battle between the lawyer and the witness during cross-examination, which is still my favorite thing to do in the practice of law.  While I avoid court when we can, it is where I made my reputation as a  Mississippi family law specialist. Read More

Not the Same

It has been a while since I sat down to write a blog article.  Who would of thought being the executive director of a new,  Mississippi non-profit adoption agency would be so time consuming?  But I digress (more on that later)… I have a friend and client who is going through a divorce.  He is a great guy who made a few mistakes.  Actually, in the grand scheme of mistakes that a person can make in a marriage, his were relatively minor offenses, but his wife, a hard-charging, type-A personality, cannot stand that her perfect little idea of a life may not have a starched shirt and slick, silk tie.   I grieve for him, but I grieve for her just as much.   I want to reach out to her and tell her that if your idea of living is measured relationally to those around you as opposed to what springs from inside, inhabiting the spiritual realm, there will never be a sense of satisfaction, but what do I know, she is going through one divorce and I have been through about 500. Read More

200 Million Flowers Update

A few people have asked me whether or not I am going to quit practicing law and focus on 200 Million Flowers full time.  I kind of laugh when people say that, not because it is necessarily a crazy idea, but because I am leveraging the law practice to be able to help, in part, finance this new adoption agency.  One friend said “The divorces are funding the adoptions.”  I guess that’s true. However, I really love practicing law and managing my law firm.  I get to work with an client base every day – many of whom are in the worst crisis of their life, and the R+A team is world class in my humble opinion.  But I am also having a blast helping to get 200 Million Flowers off the ground.  It is a really fun second job and we are just getting started.   Read More


I should be in the shower headed to the office, but I am writing to you instead.  Last year I was in the habit of writing almost every day.  I was sharing thoughts inspired by our church’s L3 Journal to a bunch of guys.  It hasn’t gone that way this year.  When Emma started kindergarten, our mornings became much more hectic, and if I didn’t write first thing in the morning, it was not going to happen.  This week, Rachel is on a mission trip in Costa Rica with a group called Visiting Orphans.  I am getting a small taste of being a single dad. Read More

Financial Advisor Guest Post: Because They are Worth It

Statistics show that roughly one out of every two marriages will end in divorce. There are many factors that require attention during and after a divorce. Some of the obvious are financially related, but the less obvious emotional factors can severely impact the financial outcome of a divorce. I recently had a client make the following statement after settling a multimillion-dollar divorce:  Read More

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