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If you are facing chronic marital relationship problems in Mississippi, or some type of discovery blows the lid off the married life you were living, turn to us.  Most people end up here by referral from a non-family law attorney, a counselor, pastor, the friend of a friend or a simple Google search. Read More

The Warrior Poet Lawyer

We have done some advertising on social media this week and it has me thinking about the decision-making process a person goes through when employing a divorce attorney in Mississippi and the different personas we encompass.  I am at peace with the reputation we family lawyers have for being considered the scum of the earth.  After all, we feed on other people’s misfortune.  We are scavengers, even vultures.  However, if you have been served with papers or you have caught your spouse in a compromising situation, like us or not, you may just need us.  (The American bald eagle is a scavenger, BTW.) Read More

Tim Tebow versus Joel Osteen

I have a friend who is an addict.  It breaks my heart how he continually makes bad choices.  I have not supported his bad choices and he has said many things calculated to hurt me –mostly via text message.  Even if untrue or with only shades of truth, words from those you love hurt the most.  That is one of the many things that make divorce in the Bible belt of Mississippi (or anywhere for that matter) so freaking hard.   Read More

Young Lawyers

So when I was in high school, the guys grew out their sideburns- 90210 style. A few months ago, I thought I would revive the look. I didn’t shave for a few days and when I did, I carved in some that would make Dillon proud. I let them grow for a week or so. As you may have suspected, they didn’t look right. Not because they weren’t cool- they were. It was mainly because one of them appeared to be gapped. It was weird. Upon close examination, my sideburns were not gapped at all- they had gray hair that made them appear that way. Just wrong!  Read More

Why My Firm Is Going Green

Going green is pretty much a cliché these days- even in Mississippi where our embracing of forward thinking ideas is proudly often as slow as our speech.  It feels more like a marketing pitch than it does a commitment to our planet.  I would be lying to you if I said that I always make a conscious effort to reduce my carbon footprint.  My wife drives an SUV, we take our recycling bin out about once a month because we are hit and miss with putting the right stuff in it and despite my best efforts, we still use a ton of paper in my office.  So why would you, a potential divorce or family law client in Mississippi, care anything about a small law firm’s ideas about going green?  Well, let me tell you some of my thoughts and you can decide for yourself. Read More

Prenuptial Agreement? How Romantic.

Part of being a Mississippi divorce lawyer inevitably involves writing and interpreting prenuptial agreements.  While I am not the biggest fan of prenups in first marriages, they have their place in the world, and they are by no means a new development in the law or in culture.  In fact, anthropologists tell us that couples have been contracting marital rights for thousands of years. If anything, I would submit that there is much less thought going into the financial component of marriage than ever before. Read More

Should I Call My Mississippi Divorce Attorney After Hours?

This weekend I got a call from a client at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. He is one of my favorites. While the issue meant the world to him, in the grand scheme of his case, it could have waited until Monday. I helped him with his problem, but I admit that I was probably pretty short with him. For about thirty minutes or longer he was on my mind instead of my wife and daughters who share me with dozens of client during the week. It got me thinking about the mental process (or lack thereof) that went on before he dialed my number, so I thought I would share some thoughts about whether calling your Mississippi divorce attorney after hours is a good idea.  Read More

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