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A lot of people are talking and writing about the life of Robin Williams in light of his tragic death.  I have watched a few things myself, as I always loved his work.  His brand of crazy humor coupled with Shakespearean tangents was a one-of-a-kind mixture of freedom and intellect.  Notwithstanding his personal demons and the obvious wreckage it caused to those closest to him, we are a better, more thoughtful society for his having lived. Read More

Uber and Technology in Divorce

There is new technology in big cities across the world that uses geomapping to connect people who need rides with people willing to give them.  It is called Uber.  Essentially, you load an app to your smart phone, connect it to a method of payment and when you need a ride, you push a button.  The closest several drivers are given the opportunity to accept the assignment.  The first one to say yes gets connected with the customer.  The driver sees the location on his smart phone, and he picks up his new passenger, usually within ten minutes.  After the ride, funds are exchanged electronically based on distance and time.  The tip is included.  A simple receipt is emailed to the passenger, who is asked to rate the experience and the driver.  The driver also rates the passenger.  Uber takes a commission for the use of their technology.  The passenger gets a better deal than a cab and the driver, who is an independent contractor who has a self-insured, newer model automobile, has almost unlimited freedom when it comes to creating his own work-life balance.  Many Uber drivers do it as a supplemental source of income.  I used it in recent trips to Atlanta and Chicago and could not say enough good things about my experience. Read More

Private Investigator Guest Post - Helping Myself

A strange thing happened to me the other day, when I went for my annual checkup with my cardiologist.  He came into the room and began asking me the very same questions he has asked me every year for the past ten years.  Have you recently experienced any shortness of breath?  Have you noticed any swelling in your legs or ankles?  Have you experienced any periods of dizziness, etc.?  Then, he asked if anything had occurred over the past year, health wise, that I thought he should be aware of?  Like many, I couldn’t think of a thing, at the time.  Later, I began to think of things and wondered if he would have wanted to know about them?  Would these few, seemingly insignificant things, have had an effect on his decisions regarding my health care? Read More

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