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The Strongest Drug Known to Man

A counselor friend of mine from Meridian used to say that the strongest drug known to man is strange nookie.  Wikipedia, the authority on everything, says “nookie” is a slang term for sexual intercourse.  Get it? Read More

Private Investigator Guest Post - Helping Myself

A strange thing happened to me the other day, when I went for my annual checkup with my cardiologist.  He came into the room and began asking me the very same questions he has asked me every year for the past ten years.  Have you recently experienced any shortness of breath?  Have you noticed any swelling in your legs or ankles?  Have you experienced any periods of dizziness, etc.?  Then, he asked if anything had occurred over the past year, health wise, that I thought he should be aware of?  Like many, I couldn’t think of a thing, at the time.  Later, I began to think of things and wondered if he would have wanted to know about them?  Would these few, seemingly insignificant things, have had an effect on his decisions regarding my health care? Read More

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