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So the other night I was sitting at a table for eight in Shapley’s for the celebration of my friend’s birthday. I had mentioned to him that Rachel and I were in the beginning stages of creating an adoption agency, and he had told the other guests about it before we met up with the group. Inevitably, one of the girls at the table asked me “Why?” Remember, we were not in church, people were having a few drinks and I was presented with this heartfelt, well-intentioned question out of sincere curiosity. While the table crew silent, all eyes were focused on me. I needed to have an answer. I don’t know how well I responded to the question for my slightly intoxicated audience, but here is the answer after having a little time to reflect:  Read More

200 Million Flowers

It is my pleasure to announce the formation of a non-profit adoption agency called 200 Million Flowers.  Although as a family law attorney, I can already assist in the adoption process, a home study, one of the essential steps in adoption, must be conducted by a licensed social worker employed by a licensed adoption agency.  Streamlining this procedure is an essential tool in creating more efficiency in the adoption process, which is my primary motivation. Read More

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