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Cowboy Up

I went on a Christian men’s retreat last summer to Wyoming which was led by a counselor friend of mine named Phil Hardin.  Come to think of it, four counselors were on the trip, including Ron Mumbower and Don Waller from Summit Counseling, a ministry of First Baptist Church in Jackson.  Also in attendance was Roane Hunter  --he’s a great, up-and-coming counselor who is originally from Delta East, which is Macon, Mississippi if you didn’t know.  Roane and his wife Eva will specialize in recovery from sexual addiction, which is a very real thing although it is not included in the DSM-IV (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by the American Psychological Association). Read More

Piglet on Divorce

After catching a few minutes of Winnie-the-Pooh on television the other night, Mollie Ann wanted to read a little, so like the traditionalists we are, we got out the iPad and pulled it up.  We started where we left off before: Read More

Help Yourself During a Divorce

I was a baseball player in high school and college.  It was a big part of my identity until I was around 21 or 22.  I still occasionally have people remember me as a ball player, even though I was on the field very little at Mississippi State where I landed after leaving a scholarship to Mississippi College.  Hitting was my favorite part of the game.  It was a little war between the picture and me.  The battle at home plate is mostly psychological, just like the battle between the lawyer and the witness during cross-examination, which is still my favorite thing to do in the practice of law.  While I avoid court when we can, it is where I made my reputation as a  Mississippi family law specialist. Read More

Moth to a Flame

I have a theory about good girls that cheat in Mississippi. I am stipulating in the first paragraph that I know very little about the way women think. The sum total of my knowledge comes from my experience in the dating world (years ago), my representation of about 350 or so women of all ages going through a divorce or family crisis, and my wife and two daughters. Any of these references (with the exception of Mollie Ann and Emma) could possibly tell you that I don’t know jack, but here goes anyway. Read More

Note to Self: Close the Blinds

Cheating. It just happens. It is not a part of every divorce case in Mississippi, but I can say with certainty that it is a part of at least half of them. I personally am a strong believer that in almost every circumstance when a woman cheats, it is a symptom of a marriage that is already on life support. Guys not so much. Sex is simply less emotional to a man than to a woman. Most guys could go out and have sex with a fencepost and then go home and at least on the surface seam to be content with his home, wife and kids. With women, who deeply desire an emotional connection, when they are not getting an intimate bond from their marriage, they gravitate to some form of connectedness. The “conversation” can lead to a physical relationship if she is not very careful.  Read More

The Body of the Spider

 If you have read much of what I have written, you know my dad is an electrician- IBEW Local 480. At age 78, he served as the primary electrician when Rachel and I constructed our home. This man has an incredible work ethic that I am blessed to attempt to model in my life. Like my dad, I have always enjoyed the construction business. It has been a hobby ever since I finished law school. I have been actively involved in the construction of the addition on our first  home in Fondren, a house at the reservoir, an office building on Avery, a house in Reunion and the office/condominiums in Olde Towne Ridgeland.  Read More

Momma and Them Don't Know Better

If you know me, you know that I am a proudly from South Jackson- I’m not talking about Byram. I’m not talking about Terry. I’m talking about snuggled between McDowell and Raymond Road around the corner from Wingfield High, South Jackson 39204. My phone number growing up began with 372. I proudly wear my South Jackson t-shirt because it is a part of who I am. If you are from South Jackson, you immediately get the benefit of the doubt in my book. Read More

Making the Most of Your Weekend

Now living in Mississippi is not the same as living in some place where there is a steady stream of activities, but your weekends don’t have to be like a trip to Disney or “Dad Camp” each and every time. The most important thing is to be together- to be focused on your child and not whatever else or whoever else is in your life at the moment.  Read More

Paper is for Remembering- Brains are for Thinking

A wise woman once told me, “Paper is for remembering; brains are for thinking.” Brilliant! I have always been a person who needs paper – lists and calendars; these are staples in my life. I incorporated this logic immediately into all aspects of my life. If my children want me to do something for them, they write me a note.  Read More

Everyone Deserves a Mulligan

I started playing golf 20 years ago as a high school senior. I had some garage sale clubs and some buddies and I would trounce up and down the Jackson Municipal Golf Course or the links in Raymond at Hinds Community College. It has always been fun, but I have never really taken it seriously. In fact, I have never taken a single golf lesson. I pretty much just go out and play. My golf swing is of the classic has-been-baseball-player genre. Imagine that.  Read More

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