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The Warrior Poet Lawyer

We have done some advertising on social media this week and it has me thinking about the decision-making process a person goes through when employing a divorce attorney in Mississippi and the different personas we encompass.  I am at peace with the reputation we family lawyers have for being considered the scum of the earth.  After all, we feed on other people’s misfortune.  We are scavengers, even vultures.  However, if you have been served with papers or you have caught your spouse in a compromising situation, like us or not, you may just need us.  (The American bald eagle is a scavenger, BTW.) Read More

Find an Attorney through an Attorney

We have a nifty tool at R+A allowing us to keep up with all sorts of statistics when a potential client submits an intake form to our office.  We have been doing it since October of last year.  About 40 people have been in contact with us for various family law issues who completed our online form, the most prevalent reason being divorce. As it turns out, 28% of people find out about us through an attorney, which is our biggest referral source by a pretty wide margin. Read More

Divorce is White Water Rafting

Last weekend I went white water rafting on the Ocoee River with nine guys I do an edgy Christian men’s group with on Tuesday mornings.  I have been a few times before, including a weeklong trip on the Salmon in Idaho and a trip on the Snake in Wyoming.  We had a blast, but to be clear, I am no river expert --just family law in Mississippi, which is obviously the genesis of the following analysis: Read More

Dr. Mike and His Heirloom Tomatoes

Saturday Rachel and I were at the pool with the girls.  It was an uncharacteristically cool, Mississippi August evening.  We had just enjoyed a little poolside pizza when Emma decided to jump rope her beach towel.  She didn’t even make the first jump before her feet were tangled and she came crashing down to the concrete.  It seemed like it happened in slow motion. Read More

Attack of the Lawyer

There is a pretty common tactic in a hotly contested divorce I rarely think about, but was reminded of just last week –The Attack of the Lawyer. Read More

Point A to Point B

I am an efficiency junky.  As a family law attorney in Mississippi, this can be frustrating because we operate in such an inefficient legal system.  I tell people all the time that I am a fullback, not a tailback.  I run a few trick plays and juke and jive a little, but most of the time I like to hit the hole and run right at you.   Read More

The Body of the Spider

 If you have read much of what I have written, you know my dad is an electrician- IBEW Local 480. At age 78, he served as the primary electrician when Rachel and I constructed our home. This man has an incredible work ethic that I am blessed to attempt to model in my life. Like my dad, I have always enjoyed the construction business. It has been a hobby ever since I finished law school. I have been actively involved in the construction of the addition on our first  home in Fondren, a house at the reservoir, an office building on Avery, a house in Reunion and the office/condominiums in Olde Towne Ridgeland.  Read More

Momma and Them Don't Know Better

If you know me, you know that I am a proudly from South Jackson- I’m not talking about Byram. I’m not talking about Terry. I’m talking about snuggled between McDowell and Raymond Road around the corner from Wingfield High, South Jackson 39204. My phone number growing up began with 372. I proudly wear my South Jackson t-shirt because it is a part of who I am. If you are from South Jackson, you immediately get the benefit of the doubt in my book. Read More

What am I Not Asking That I Should Be Asking?

I get to meet with all sorts of people about all sorts of things. I am sure you do too. I love to talk to marketing people, counselors, pastors, lawyers, accountants, doctors- you name it. A part of my business growth plan is to make personal connections with folks like me that are in the business of helping people in family crisis. Lately, I have been meeting with a lot of people about adoption. To me, it makes no sense why it should cost $35,000 to adopt a starving or impoverished child in another country. It also makes no sense to me why it should be so difficult and similarly expensive to make connections in our own country between children that need to be loved and a family that has lots of love to give. We want to do something about it. R+A needs to be in the happiness business in equal parts with the sadness business: One child- one family- one connection. After all, piecing blended families together is our specialty. If we can take them apart, we can certainly put them back together again; but more to come on this later.  Read More

Be There for Your Kids

I love my job. Being a Mississippi family law attorney has proven to be a constructive and positive way for me to use my talents. I love people. I love serving others. I enjoy walking clients through one of the most difficult and darkest seasons of their lives. I feel called to this profession. Because of this calling, I believe it’s my responsibility to serve others in this way.  Read More

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