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So when I was in high school, the guys grew out their sideburns- 90210 style. A few months ago, I thought I would revive the look. I didn’t shave for a few days and when I did, I carved in some that would make Dillon proud. I let them grow for a week or so. As you may have suspected, they didn’t look right. Not because they weren’t cool- they were. It was mainly because one of them appeared to be gapped. It was weird. Upon close examination, my sideburns were not gapped at all- they had gray hair that made them appear that way. Just wrong!  Read More


So I am working this case with a lawyer who does not practice family law. She is blowing up my email about things that in no way shape or form merits attorneys speaking to one another. It is utterly annoying.  Read More

Q & A About R+A

According to, there are ten questions that a client should ask their prospective divorce attorney. As the founder and managing partner of Robertson + Associates, I thought I would take a few minutes and answer them for you. Read More

Can One Lawyer Represent Two People in a Divorce?

On occasion I get a phone call or speak to someone about their divorce and they tell me that everything is going to be simple and they are hoping that I can represent both sides. While these calls are a lot easier than the ones where I hear gunshots, screaming and police sirens in the background, there are two very basic problems with this mindset.  Read More

Your Own Brand of Garbage

There is a time in the initial consultation with a potential Mississippi family law client when we have finished talking about all the biographical data, income, assets, insurance and other black and white stuff when I sit back and say, “Tell me your story.”  Read More

W.W.M.L.D.: What Would My Lawyer Do??

Remember ten or fifteen years ago when people began wearing “W.W.J.D.” bracelets, which stood for “What would Jesus do?”  The premise behind these bracelets was that before a person acted out, they would see their bracelet on their wrist and ask themselves what Jesus would do in their situation.  Hopefully, asking yourself such a question would deter you from doing something that you might regret. Read More

Why My Firm Is Going Green

Going green is pretty much a cliché these days- even in Mississippi where our embracing of forward thinking ideas is proudly often as slow as our speech.  It feels more like a marketing pitch than it does a commitment to our planet.  I would be lying to you if I said that I always make a conscious effort to reduce my carbon footprint.  My wife drives an SUV, we take our recycling bin out about once a month because we are hit and miss with putting the right stuff in it and despite my best efforts, we still use a ton of paper in my office.  So why would you, a potential divorce or family law client in Mississippi, care anything about a small law firm’s ideas about going green?  Well, let me tell you some of my thoughts and you can decide for yourself. Read More

When It's About the Principle

If you know our team at R+A, or if you have checked out our biographies, you know there's not a mental health professional in the bunch. We attorneys are called counselors, but that means counselors at law. We are technically no more qualified to give advice on psychological issues than the next person, although it seems we are often called to by well-intentioned clients on a daily basis.  Read More

The Truth the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

It happens all the time and I can see it coming from a mile away. There will be an uncomfortable pause in our meeting and a client will say- “There is one thing that I have been meaning to tell you…” At that point, something is revealed that I would have ideally been told in the initial meeting.  Read More

If I Could Give You a Magic Wand…

One of my favorite questions in an initial meeting with a potential Mississippi family law client is this: “If I could give you a magic wand and you could waive it and make a wish, what would it be?” I get all kinds of interesting answers. Some are realistic, and some are not.  Read More

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