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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Christmas

When I was a kid, time would stand still before Christmas.  It seemed like an eternity from Thanksgiving Day until Christmas Eve.  My mom worked in retail and was really over the holidays because they involved lots and lots of work for her.  She was OCD and hyperactive, so it was not uncommon for our tree to be in a box by Christmas afternoon.  After all, she had to be back at work December 26th. I guess I was distracted as a child, but it bothered me as a young adult.   Read More

The Wide Net

I have been sued once in my life.  I sort of expected it, but I sort of didn’t.  I was sitting in my office, and the front desk rang me.  “There is a Mr. Lopez here to see you.”  I have represented a lot of folks and I know more than a few lawyers, but I couldn’t think of anyone named Lopez.  “I’ll be up in a minute.”   Read More


My friend Dr. Mike recently invited me to go on a quail hunting trip to Clarke County, Mississippi.  You remember him from a blog I wrote a little while back.  There are not that many wild quail left in Mississippi because of fire ants and coyotes, but enthusiasts buy farm grown quail and release them to be hunted.  I am told it is not as good as the real thing, and it is admittedly a little unfair to release quail that have never flown and expect them to have a sporting chance at life.   But the hunters only harvest about 50 to 60%, so these birds actually have better odds than the ones who end up on the menu in fancy restaurants.   Read More

Specialization and Geography

A few days ago a pastor friend asked for a referral to a criminal attorney for the family of a church member. To be able to give him the right name, I had to know the alleged crime and the jurisdiction.  I would not necessarily send someone to the same person for a DUI as I would for domestic violence.  If the crime happened in Meridian, I would not likely make a referral to someone from Greenville. Read More

Tell Your Kid This

I had a client sit with me today who is staring down the barrel of his second divorce.  He and his wife do not have children, but he does have a child from his previous marriage.  He has talked to his counselor and he has talked to me about what, when and how to tell his child he may be walking through another divorce and things are going to change.  It got me thinking.  What do you tell your kids?   Read More

A Bad Divorce

Last week, Rachel and I were talking in the kitchen about a new acquaintance, and Rachel commented, “I think she and her first husband went through a bad divorce.”  This morning while driving to work, a caller to a radio station expressed how she had recently gone through a “bad divorce”, but things were looking up for her.  Over lunch, a pastor friend of mine brought up how someone he is counseling recently completed a “bad divorce” after a two or three year struggle.  You hear the phrase too from time to time.  It shows up in our everyday vernacular as citizens of the world.  It makes you wonder if there is any such thing as a “good divorce.”  I have unique perspective on the subject, having worked in family law for fifteen years and after being involved in hundreds of matrimonial surrenders. Read More

The Reverse Logic of a Child Custody Case

I am coaching girl’s softball this fall.  At least for this semester, we have become one of “those” families with activities almost every night –soccer, gymnastics, dance, voice, running club, brownies and now softball.  In addition, we do lots of homework and a few church activities.  While we resisted softball all this time, now my kids are getting into it.  I don’t know if they like it because they know daddy spent a lot of my childhood playing ball, or if they are naturally attracted to the ebb, flow and energy of a bat and ball game.  Of their many activities, I certainly know more about batting stances than back handsprings or pirouettes, and I am admittedly as much or more excited than they are to be out pitching and hitting and throwing, even though it is underhanded.   Read More

The Laws of Physics are Always the Same

I took calculus-based physics in college.  Let me rephrase that statement, I started calculus based physics in college, but used what Mississippi State called a “super drop” to keep from failing the class miserably in mid to late October.  We had an international teacher, I was trying to make the baseball squad, I had momentarily pledged a fraternity and it was my first semester in college away from home.  In addition, I was living on the 6th floor of the athletic dorm with a bunch of hooligans, of which I was one.  Needless to say, I didn’t learn much.  Everything worked out fine, as business and law school did not require physics. Read More

The Jig is Up

Rachel and I have lied to our kids their whole lives.  I am not proud of it.  I certainly want my relationship with our children to be based in truth, but when it comes to stories about the bearded man who likes cold weather and his elf, a rabbit and a tiny little girl who has a thing for teeth, we have not been honest.  Yesterday, we were found out.   Read More

What is Your Word Worth?

If you read the stuff I write, you know I am building a home, serving as my own general contractor.  I told a guy about it at church the other day and his response was, “What would possess you to do that?” Read More

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