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Specialization and Geography

A few days ago a pastor friend asked for a referral to a criminal attorney for the family of a church member. To be able to give him the right name, I had to know the alleged crime and the jurisdiction.  I would not necessarily send someone to the same person for a DUI as I would for domestic violence.  If the crime happened in Meridian, I would not likely make a referral to someone from Greenville. Read More

Tell Your Kid This

I had a client sit with me today who is staring down the barrel of his second divorce.  He and his wife do not have children, but he does have a child from his previous marriage.  He has talked to his counselor and he has talked to me about what, when and how to tell his child he may be walking through another divorce and things are going to change.  It got me thinking.  What do you tell your kids?   Read More

The Reverse Logic of a Child Custody Case

I am coaching girl’s softball this fall.  At least for this semester, we have become one of “those” families with activities almost every night –soccer, gymnastics, dance, voice, running club, brownies and now softball.  In addition, we do lots of homework and a few church activities.  While we resisted softball all this time, now my kids are getting into it.  I don’t know if they like it because they know daddy spent a lot of my childhood playing ball, or if they are naturally attracted to the ebb, flow and energy of a bat and ball game.  Of their many activities, I certainly know more about batting stances than back handsprings or pirouettes, and I am admittedly as much or more excited than they are to be out pitching and hitting and throwing, even though it is underhanded.   Read More

The Jig is Up

Rachel and I have lied to our kids their whole lives.  I am not proud of it.  I certainly want my relationship with our children to be based in truth, but when it comes to stories about the bearded man who likes cold weather and his elf, a rabbit and a tiny little girl who has a thing for teeth, we have not been honest.  Yesterday, we were found out.   Read More

All My Money

A lot of people are talking and writing about the life of Robin Williams in light of his tragic death.  I have watched a few things myself, as I always loved his work.  His brand of crazy humor coupled with Shakespearean tangents was a one-of-a-kind mixture of freedom and intellect.  Notwithstanding his personal demons and the obvious wreckage it caused to those closest to him, we are a better, more thoughtful society for his having lived. Read More

Legal Separation in Mississippi

There are lots of common questions I get in my practice about divorce, but one of the most frequent is whether or not Mississippi recognizes “legal” separation.  The short answer is no.  You are married until you are divorced or someone is dead. Read More

Divorce and Contacts

Yesterday I took my oldest daughter to be fitted for contacts.  She has been wearing glasses for a couple of years, but liked the potential freedom contacts would bring.  She got her good looks from her momma and her bad eyes from me.  She earned her contacts by overcoming adversity to make straight As.  This is a big deal in our house.  While school comes easy for my youngest (she made straight As too, BTW), God wired Mollie Ann to think three dimensionally and learn in a way most schools don’t teach, with the vigor and vitality of the Energizer Bunny.  This year, we made the difficult decision to transfer Mollie Ann after the first quarter and she rose to the occasion.  Like you, I could not be prouder of my kids. Read More

Psychos, Sociopaths and Narcissists

When I got to Mississippi State, I took my first psychology class.  It met in an auditorium and had probably 300 students.  It was obviously a big room, but it had more of a high school auditorium feel than that of a college lecture hall.  The study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior is fascinating, and I have been practicing psychology without a license ever since I shook the apple tree of life and it produced the pineapple of a divorce practice.   Read More

Uber and Technology in Divorce

There is new technology in big cities across the world that uses geomapping to connect people who need rides with people willing to give them.  It is called Uber.  Essentially, you load an app to your smart phone, connect it to a method of payment and when you need a ride, you push a button.  The closest several drivers are given the opportunity to accept the assignment.  The first one to say yes gets connected with the customer.  The driver sees the location on his smart phone, and he picks up his new passenger, usually within ten minutes.  After the ride, funds are exchanged electronically based on distance and time.  The tip is included.  A simple receipt is emailed to the passenger, who is asked to rate the experience and the driver.  The driver also rates the passenger.  Uber takes a commission for the use of their technology.  The passenger gets a better deal than a cab and the driver, who is an independent contractor who has a self-insured, newer model automobile, has almost unlimited freedom when it comes to creating his own work-life balance.  Many Uber drivers do it as a supplemental source of income.  I used it in recent trips to Atlanta and Chicago and could not say enough good things about my experience. Read More


Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a book called Eat, Pray, Love in 2006.  She was formerly an "unpublished diner waitress," with a stack of rejection letters from publishers. Her book was wildly successful, but she found herself “regressing” to the sentimentality she felt before she hit it big.  Her first follow up book was a flop, but she felt strangely better and got back to work.  Her next effort was received well. Read More

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