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Tim Tebow versus Joel Osteen

I have a friend who is an addict.  It breaks my heart how he continually makes bad choices.  I have not supported his bad choices and he has said many things calculated to hurt me –mostly via text message.  Even if untrue or with only shades of truth, words from those you love hurt the most.  That is one of the many things that make divorce in the Bible belt of Mississippi (or anywhere for that matter) so freaking hard.   Read More

The Parasite

I get inspired for these little articles, aka rants, from all different sorts of crazy places.  This week, it comes from an official looking note on orange paper being sent home with Emma about a breakout of lice in her classroom.  When I was a kid…. Yep, I got them.  My little tail was sent home from school after an examination from my teacher with a sharpened pencil.  It was very embarrassing and getting rid of them was a long, annoying, time consuming process.  Read More

Redemption and Divorce

I was in the book store the other day and I was browsing while Rachel and the girls were listening to story time in the children’s section.  A little red book by Mark W. Gaither called Redemptive Divorce caught my eye.  I finished it last night.  While it would seem that Redemption and Divorce are antonyms, Gaither uses a Biblical discussion of marriage and divorce as the backdrop to introduce a legal strategy aimed at keeping marriages together.  He proposes that filing for divorce can help save a marriage about 20% of the time.   Read More

The Bottle Tree and Your Divorce

I love bottle trees. We have one outside the window of our keeping room where we spend 90% of our time at home. There is something purely southern about a bottle tree. As you already know, I love the South. Supposedly back in “the day”, people would put them outside their home to catch evil spirits. I happen to have one outside my window because I think it is cool. We have been collecting bottles from antique markets and junk stores. (There may be a Heineken bottle or two on there as well)  Read More

Making the Most of Your Weekend

Now living in Mississippi is not the same as living in some place where there is a steady stream of activities, but your weekends don’t have to be like a trip to Disney or “Dad Camp” each and every time. The most important thing is to be together- to be focused on your child and not whatever else or whoever else is in your life at the moment.  Read More

Paper is for Remembering- Brains are for Thinking

A wise woman once told me, “Paper is for remembering; brains are for thinking.” Brilliant! I have always been a person who needs paper – lists and calendars; these are staples in my life. I incorporated this logic immediately into all aspects of my life. If my children want me to do something for them, they write me a note.  Read More

Everyone Deserves a Mulligan

I started playing golf 20 years ago as a high school senior. I had some garage sale clubs and some buddies and I would trounce up and down the Jackson Municipal Golf Course or the links in Raymond at Hinds Community College. It has always been fun, but I have never really taken it seriously. In fact, I have never taken a single golf lesson. I pretty much just go out and play. My golf swing is of the classic has-been-baseball-player genre. Imagine that.  Read More

Why I Like Second Weddings Better

So statistically, a second marriage is more likely to fail than a first marriage. In my opinion as a Mississippi divorce attorney, it is obviously because of the new life circumstances that surround a second marriage, such as the complex family situation associated with the blending of children from previous marriages coupled with the sometimes even more complex dynamics of the relationship with the other parents. Sometimes if a person has been single for any length of time, there is an associated unwillingness to compromise their independent lifestyle.  Read More

Be There for Your Kids

I love my job. Being a Mississippi family law attorney has proven to be a constructive and positive way for me to use my talents. I love people. I love serving others. I enjoy walking clients through one of the most difficult and darkest seasons of their lives. I feel called to this profession. Because of this calling, I believe it’s my responsibility to serve others in this way.  Read More

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