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It has been a while since I sat down to write a blog article.  Who would of thought being the executive director of a new,  Mississippi non-profit adoption agency would be so time consuming?  But I digress (more on that later)… I have a friend and client who is going through a divorce.  He is a great guy who made a few mistakes.  Actually, in the grand scheme of mistakes that a person can make in a marriage, his were relatively minor offenses, but his wife, a hard-charging, type-A personality, cannot stand that her perfect little idea of a life may not have a starched shirt and slick, silk tie.   I grieve for him, but I grieve for her just as much.   I want to reach out to her and tell her that if your idea of living is measured relationally to those around you as opposed to what springs from inside, inhabiting the spiritual realm, there will never be a sense of satisfaction, but what do I know, she is going through one divorce and I have been through about 500. Read More

200 Million Flowers Update

A few people have asked me whether or not I am going to quit practicing law and focus on 200 Million Flowers full time.  I kind of laugh when people say that, not because it is necessarily a crazy idea, but because I am leveraging the law practice to be able to help, in part, finance this new adoption agency.  One friend said “The divorces are funding the adoptions.”  I guess that’s true. However, I really love practicing law and managing my law firm.  I get to work with an client base every day – many of whom are in the worst crisis of their life, and the R+A team is world class in my humble opinion.  But I am also having a blast helping to get 200 Million Flowers off the ground.  It is a really fun second job and we are just getting started.   Read More


I should be in the shower headed to the office, but I am writing to you instead.  Last year I was in the habit of writing almost every day.  I was sharing thoughts inspired by our church’s L3 Journal to a bunch of guys.  It hasn’t gone that way this year.  When Emma started kindergarten, our mornings became much more hectic, and if I didn’t write first thing in the morning, it was not going to happen.  This week, Rachel is on a mission trip in Costa Rica with a group called Visiting Orphans.  I am getting a small taste of being a single dad. Read More

Tim Tebow versus Joel Osteen

I have a friend who is an addict.  It breaks my heart how he continually makes bad choices.  I have not supported his bad choices and he has said many things calculated to hurt me –mostly via text message.  Even if untrue or with only shades of truth, words from those you love hurt the most.  That is one of the many things that make divorce in the Bible belt of Mississippi (or anywhere for that matter) so freaking hard.   Read More

The South Africa Essay: Conclusion

Today will be our heaviest day.  We are going to the heart of Sweetwaters to visit the Hope Center where kids from the community live that cannot go home.  They also distribute food on Fridays.  We have a window in the otherwise terrible weather to get in.  Narrow dirt roads and the hilly terrain make travel difficult.  Before we go, we head to Tabitha to participate in the daily worship.  Everyone attends.  The children carry plastic chairs on their heads and line them out for us.  The singing is transcendent.  Hands are raised in the air and the smiles are big.  The workers are angelic.  Their worn shoes hardly touch the ground as they clap and sway.  The children join the celebration.   Read More

The South Africa Essay: Part 4

Nothing has gone exactly as we planned.  Sleep is a necessary but sometimes limited commodity.  My body has not adjusted.  The mind swimming with images of despair coupled with hope are dizzying.  David, my roommate, has been my comic relief.  In his deep southern drawl that reminds me of home, commentary about his socks and the day’s events are sometimes surprisingly astute and reflective.  Looking around our room, we are reminded that we are in Africa.  The electrical system is primitive and the appliances are a little different –not other planet different, but certainly other cotenant different.  For no apparent reason, sometimes the power will just go out, even if the weather is perfectly clear.  The system will just overload.  Locals say it will be out for days, but we have only experienced a few hours. Read More

The South Africa Essay: Part 3

Today I woke up about 3:30 to the sound of rain on the metal roof of our guest cottage at the Old Berkshire.  I could not go back to sleep although it was the perfect slumber weather with rain and the hint of jungle.  The temperature has cooled considerably.  I got up and went looking for monkeys at daylight, but even they were smart enough to be elsewhere. Read More

The South Africa Essay: Part 2

Story telling around the fire was incredible.  We shared for hours.  It was like a condensed version of the men’s retreat about getting in touch with your life story that my counselor friend hosts in Holmes County he calls Deer Camp.  I had never sat in a circle with men and women in that open of an environment.  God created holy ground around in that place.  The firewood burned about as fast as we could put it in the rock lined pit.  It was very smoky.  Shameful historical details of lives lived were shared and chains fell off.  At the end when we prayed, I had my eyes open.  As the missionary we are supporting named Jason was closing, a shooting star streaked across the sky.  I realized after hearing story after story of seemingly blessed Americans on a foreign continent that even under the most ideal circumstances, we all have our own brand of fatherlessness.  Thank God there is hope and restoration.  In Revelation 9, John talks about the battle four our souls being won:   Read More

The South Africa Essay: Part 1

Is it a mission trip or a missions trip?  Regardless, it was a long day of travel.  The plane from Atlanta to Johannesburg was crammed packed.  All types of people going everywhere.  I had these big ideas that I would read and write, but I may have written a paragraph and I read a page or two.  I watched half of two movies and all of one, which was about a guy who got trapped while rock climbing and literally had to cut off his own arm to survive.  It was amazing, but gruesome. The entire group is tired, but we are glad to be in Africa.  From the plane, Africa looks brown.  I slept a little, but not much. The Delta flight attendants said that the fifteen hours we were in the air is the longest direct Delta flight in the world.  I feel like we are about the start a great adventure. I pray for a paradigm shift- like I am moving out of the dessert and into the second half.  It feels good. This is probably the biggest adventure I have been on since I traveled Europe in law school.   Read More

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