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Mississippi Family Law

Temporary Hearings in Mississippi

I got up early this morning in eager anticipation of today’s events. It’s game day –the day for my client’s temporary hearing.  Years ago I hung up my glove and cleats and traded them in for a briefcase, laptop and last season’s tie.  The smell of pine tar is replaced with the aroma of coffee and toner.  It’s not sexy, but it is what I’ve got.  Today we compete. Read More

How to Win a Child Custody Case in Mississippi

There are few relationships that are as important in our society as the parent-child relationship. Child custody cases are the most difficult in all of the law.  Jesus said that children are the very center of his Kingdom, and I strongly believe that absent unusual circumstances, a child needs both parents to be an active part of their life.  Men and woman are simply equipped differently to nurture their children.  I could spend my time in this article talking about theAlbright factors and strategies for convincing a judge that your child should be in your physical or legal custody, which is common sense but something I have had great success doing through the years, but I am going to take a different approach today- one developed from over a decade of experience and enriched by being the father of two precious daughters.   Read More

Don’t Kick the Ant Bed

When I was a kid, I loved to kick ant beds.  Admittedly even as a reasonably mature adult, when I cut the yard and spot them around my house, sometimes I still kick.  I don’t know why, it serves no real purpose; I know they can bite- but I just do.  My clients like to kick ant beds.  They do things that piss of their spouse for no good reason.  It causes unnecessary hardship for everyone. Read More

If I Could Give You a Magic Wand…

One of my favorite questions in an initial meeting with a potential Mississippi family law client is this: “If I could give you a magic wand and you could waive it and make a wish, what would it be?” I get all kinds of interesting answers. Some are realistic, and some are not.  Read More