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Mississippi Family Law

It Is Cheaper to Keep Her

I am proud I have a pretty good record in our Mississippi family law and divorce courts.  The main reason is because I do my best to stay out if my client cannot win.  This week has been a humbling exception.   Read More

You Should Mediate Your Divorce

Although I have been a divorce lawyer for 14 years, I have never been divorced.  Well, let me take that back, I did get divorced from a law firm one time.  Actually got served with a lawsuit by a big African American guy named Lopez.  He was wearing a three-piece suit on a hot July Mississippi day –sweating like it was nobodies business.  Looking back, it was sort of comical, but at the time, it was serious stuff. Read More

Redemption and Divorce

I was in the book store the other day and I was browsing while Rachel and the girls were listening to story time in the children’s section.  A little red book by Mark W. Gaither called Redemptive Divorce caught my eye.  I finished it last night.  While it would seem that Redemption and Divorce are antonyms, Gaither uses a Biblical discussion of marriage and divorce as the backdrop to introduce a legal strategy aimed at keeping marriages together.  He proposes that filing for divorce can help save a marriage about 20% of the time.   Read More

The Leaver and the Left

In every divorce, each spouse takes on a role- the leaver and the left. Robert Emery talks about this phenomenon in his book The Truth About Children and Divorce. I have recommended it to dozens of folks after seeing him speak in a conference a few years ago. The leaver and the left have a very different mindset when it comes to the process of divorce because of their place on the divorce grief cycle. Remember that unlike a death that has finality, a divorce continues to have the chance of reconciliation and therefore the grief cycle can be extended as the couple vacillates in the good times and bad that encamp every failing relationship. As time goes on, the grief cycle of love – anger – sadness begins to flatten out and the person can feel somewhat whole again, although very different.  Read More

A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

Most everyone knows the old saying that A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush. According to , it means that “It is preferable to have a small but certain advantage than a mere potential of a greater one.” We apply this principal in our legal analysis on a daily basis and many times it guides our divorce clients to a better outcome.  Read More

Can One Lawyer Represent Two People in a Divorce?

On occasion I get a phone call or speak to someone about their divorce and they tell me that everything is going to be simple and they are hoping that I can represent both sides. While these calls are a lot easier than the ones where I hear gunshots, screaming and police sirens in the background, there are two very basic problems with this mindset.  Read More

How to Win a Child Custody Case in Mississippi

There are few relationships that are as important in our society as the parent-child relationship. Child custody cases are the most difficult in all of the law.  Jesus said that children are the very center of his Kingdom, and I strongly believe that absent unusual circumstances, a child needs both parents to be an active part of their life.  Men and woman are simply equipped differently to nurture their children.  I could spend my time in this article talking about theAlbright factors and strategies for convincing a judge that your child should be in your physical or legal custody, which is common sense but something I have had great success doing through the years, but I am going to take a different approach today- one developed from over a decade of experience and enriched by being the father of two precious daughters.   Read More