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Post Divorce Contempt

What You Need to Know About Post Divorce Contempt in Mississippi 

When you get divorced or there is a family law judgment to which you are a party and there are continued obligations to give or receive spousal or child support- it aint over. At R+E, we spend about as much time helping people with post judgment issues as we do with anything else. If you are divorced and have never gone back to court, congratulations, you are the exception and not the rule. Certain aspects of family law judgments will always be reviewable if circumstances change, including child support and other financial issues concerning children, custody, visitation, and permanent alimony.

Also, if the rules created by a judgment are not followed, a request for a citation for contempt is the remedy, and if found to be in willful contempt of court, the offender could go to jail. If a person fails to pay property settlement payments, child support, or alimony, they risk being held in contempt of court upon a proper post judgment filing. If a person fails to allow their former spouse to have the visitation outlined in the divorce decree, they can be held in contempt of court. If held in contempt, not only is there a possibility that the offender will go to jail, there is also a better possibility that he will be forced to pay for his former spouse’s attorney. The best way to avoid being held in contempt is to follow whatever order is presently governing your life to the letter.

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