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Cassie Dedmon

Client Services Coordinator

Cassie Dedmon

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Attorneys who call our office say she is a ray of sunshine in a dark business, Cassie Dedmon lights up the front desk and the telephones at R+E as our most experienced client services coordinator. Way more than a legal assistant or a receptionist, this past R+E employee of the year will give you hope when you feel hopeless and life when you feel lifeless. Just when you think there is nothing good left in the world, she will restore your faith in humankind with a quick chat. And her words are not empty, she has been a single mom, journeyed through a shared custody arrangement with her precious daughter, and has found her own brand of personal redemption. A bubbly, funny, Rankin County girl who greets you with a smile and a cup of coffee when you come to see us, she is hard working, gritty and determined. She will tell your ex she loves your hair just before she serves them with process.

Originally from Star, she has become very proficient in a family law office environment. She has a huge heart and will grieve with you when you feel low and celebrate with you when you reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Mississippi through and through, she loves spending time with her husband Christian and her daughter Mylee, who is as bossy, feisty, fun and outspoken as her mommy. The honest truth is you will probably love talking to Cassie more than one of our boring attorneys. She is a big part of the complete service package delivered to you by R+E.


Cassie Dedmon
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