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Matthew S. Easterling


Matthew S. Easterling

Matt Easterling is one of the top up-and-coming family law specialists in Mississippi, bringing charisma and determination to his client's complex family dynamics.

The majority of family law disputes are plagued by the theme of differing perception. Each side is certain the way they view the wreckage that is their relationship is exactly how things happened. Do not burn through valuable time, energy and money trying to convince your opposition they are wrong. It will not work. If your goal is to reach a settlement, you must try to accept your opposing perceptions and focus on a resolution. However, if you or the other side is hell bent on fighting it out in Court, use those valuable resources to build your case instead.

Matt Easterling
Matthew S. Easterling
Matthew S. Easterling

I remember the first day I met with Matt, I walked in nervous and unsure and walked out feeling comforted and hopeful. He is professional and trustworthy. After such a great experience, it only came natural to refer my brother four years later to represent him in a battle of his own. He let us both know this was far beyond a "job" to him, and his actions showed his compassion for us all.



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Growing up Matt’s parents told him he would argue with a wall. While this naturally frustrated his family, it is the perfect trait for a family law specialist. Originally from Vicksburg, Matt was raised in a Christian home placing a premium on a strong work ethic and family values. Following his graduation from Warren Central High School, Matt went on to earn an Investment Finance degree from the University of Alabama.

After finishing his undergraduate work, Matt accepted a position as a financial associate with A.G. Edwards in Memphis, Tennessee. A year later, Matt enrolled in the University of Mississippi School of Law with the intentions of using his legal training to enhance his career in money management. However, during a clerkship with a regional firm, Matt gained a new understanding of how he could use his counseling passion, public speaking gift, interest in personal finance and legal training at the same time –as a family law practitioner. He was licensed to practice law in September 2009.

In 2010, Matt trained at the renowned American Bar Association’s Family Law Trial Advocacy Institute in Denver, Colorado. The Institute pitted Matt against some of the brightest attorneys from well-respected firms nationwide. Despite being the youngest graduate of the Institute, he received outstanding reviews. In the five years Matt has been specializing in family law, the promise and potential displayed in Denver has come to fruition. Matt is a top-notch family law attorney, garnering a hard-nosed reputation and the respect of his peers. His talent has been recognized through multiple speaking engagements and awards, including a national rank as one of the “Top 10 Under 40” in family law by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys in 2014.

Outside of the office, Matt feels blessed beyond measure. In 2012, he was set up on a blind date with a gorgeous woman from Louisville, Mississippi named Caylee, and through much persistence, Matt convinced her to keep seeing him. They were married in the Spring of 2014 and have big plans for the future.

Matthew S. Easterling
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