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Mary Kathryn Clay

Client Services Coordinator

Mary Kathryn Clay

Get to Know MK 

Mary Kathryn Clay is a star. We like to call her MK because it sounds cool. She happens to also reside in Star, Mississippi, with her husband (Dustin) and two children, Madyson (8) and Dawson (3). Having worked for the Rankin County School District for eleven (11) years, she is intimately familiar with the challenges of being a working parent, with school and after-school-care dynamics and related parental conflict. She adores children, and most of her extra time is invested with the activities of her kids, like ball, cheer, gymnastics and anything else their little hearts desire to explore. A natural leader, she served as the PTO President for McLaurin elementary, where her daughter attends. She was honored as the Parent of the Year in 2019. She is the Cheer Commissioner for the Star Youth Association and the Events Committee Chair at church. She also works in the nursery.

Living in a single parent household for the majority of her childhood, she has journeyed the pain and heartache of divorce. She has a strong appreciation for you, the single, independent parent who sacrifices daily for your children. A heart for helping and serving others, she will be your listening ear and gentle voice when you need her the most. 

Mary Kathryn Clay

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