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In America today, towers crouching over our landscapes hold water to be pumped directly into our homes via small plastic pipes. But in ancient times, the center of life was the wells from which water was drawn. People went there every day, like it or not. A family’s survival depended on these trips to the well. While there, neighbors would see each other and talk. You could find out about babies being born, those who were sick, people who had moved away, and news about the community in general. Life happened at the well. It was a place to learn from others –a place to gather information. It was a place to know and be known. 

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Fast forward to today, the water well as an information source has been replaced by the Internet. You can find out just about everything about anyone and anything. And that is why you are here today. To find out about us, what we do, and whether we can help you. Welcome. 

Let us be your water well.

As you are reading these words, you may be looking over your shoulder –maybe not literally, but in the inner dialogue of your mind. It feels like disloyalty to be thinking about legal action involving your family. While things were not great, they are what you know. Everything and everyone is in their place. People can change, you think to yourself. You are filled with doubt. Things can get better if we just work harder. 

We hope you are right. 

But hear this clearly –there is nothing wrong with gathering information. Educating yourself by reviewing this site or even visiting with one of our lawyers does not mean you are going to get a divorce. It is not, in and of itself, a betrayal. You are not giving up just yet. Like drinking water, getting information about your rights, duties and responsibilities as it relates to your family is an act of self-care and self-preservation.

Right now, you may be feeling angry. While everybody who is married gets angry with his or her spouse from time to time, now it’s different. Your not sure you will get over it. While you never wanted your marriage to end up like this, divorce may be the logical next step. It may even be a dignified response to the recent events or the culmination of years of this type of behavior, and you have finally had enough. Your friends and family may even be further along in the process than you. One thing is clear –you know you need legal counsel. You are just not sure from whom.

You may be in denial, which is another healthy part of the grieving process. Sure, everyone is telling you to talk to an attorney about your marriage, but there is hope inside of you that life will be exactly what you dreamed about on your wedding day. As long as everyone is breathing, there is a possibility, even if a small one, of restoration and reconciliation. You are confused about what may happen, but you are torn about what to do. You just need some questions answered and a little clarity about where you stand. You are not ready to start the process of divorce, but you don’t want to make a mistake either. You can’t take chances with your children, your business, and your retirement, but you don’t even know where to begin. Your life feels like a 10,000 piece puzzle that has been thrown on the ground.

Another healthy feeling is sadness. You have never been this low before. You cannot sleep. You cannot eat. You have no energy. You cannot concentrate at home or at work. There is a cloud of unhappiness following you everywhere you go. You know you need to see a lawyer, but you don’t want to cry through the whole meeting. Hugs from friends and family bring temporary comfort, but you just cannot move your way through the fog your life has become. Your kids are starting to realize things are not as they should be. Everything is so overwhelming you just want to crawl in bed and pull the covers over your head.

We get it.

Maybe you are bargaining with yourself and others. If only this happens, things will be better. You can fix things. The glass is half full. If you change, maybe they will stay. Just a few more counseling sessions, you think. Just one more self-help book. If they will just go to this conference, everything will be okay. If the other person was out of the picture, things could finally get back to normal. Everything is a big misunderstanding, and you just want your life back.

Let us help you figure things out.

You may find yourself at a place of acceptance. You have worked through denial. You are over the anger and sadness. You have bargained with yourself, your spouse and your friends and family, but you still feel like this is the right decision.  There is something new inside of you that needs to be explored. You want things to be amicable and fair, and you don’t want to waste your child’s college fund on lawyers who argue over meaningless words on stupid papers. 

We Can Help You Find Your New Normal

Some people who see us desperately want to stay married. Mississippi is a great place to take this position. On the other end of the spectrum, it may be your goal to divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible. While we help dozens of people get divorced every year, we don’t see it as our job to tell you to give up on your marriage or to stay if you are ready to go. That’s your business. Not ours. Our job is to analyze the legal ramifications of your life circumstances from all the way around the problem. Answering the “What if's” based on our experience and training.

One thing is guaranteed, you will feel more informed and more in control after you arm yourself with information by visiting with one of our attorneys. Take a minute to complete the Intake Form or call our office. You may not be glad to be in this position, but at a minimum, we will make sure you know what to expect next.

Why Robertson + Easterling?

Like bad water, the wrong legal advice can be dangerous. We approach divorce differently. We make sure you are in charge of your destiny, while embracing those variables out of your control. We believe effective dialogue is the key to a great attorney client relationship. You will see every document and you will know about every communication. There will be no backdoor dealings or pressure to sign something that does not promote your personal goals. We are respected in our community among judges and attorneys. We are the presenters at continuing education seminars, and when you meet with us, you will understand why. When we make mistakes, and everyone does, we make them full speed. We understand this may be our "case", but IT IS YOUR LIFE.

Step By Step –The Initial Consultation

R+E is about providing great client service under less than ideal circumstances. If you are facing chronic relationship problems in Mississippi, or some type of discovery blows the lid off the married life you were living, turn to us.

If you feel good about the stuff you have been reading, the best thing we can do to help is by having a consultation in person or over the phone. To set up this meeting, call our office or submit an intake form from this website. We need some basic information to run a conflict check. We need to know the “players” to make sure none of our existing clients' interests will intersect with yours. If we do not have a conflict, a client services coordinator will forward a more detailed form. We will review this information and spend 1 – 2 hours in communication about your money, kids, life, dreams, goals and the development of a plan about all of the above. The submission of this form with the agreement to pay for our consultation begins our confidential relationship.

We will try to get you on our schedule within 48 hours of submitting the pre-consultation intake information. We know the mixed emotions associated with the step to sit with a lawyer about your private life, so we try to make you as comfortable as possible. Our office is in a quiet, residential setting, and our service-oriented staff understands the importance of confidentiality. The furniture, wall colors, artwork and even the fragrances are designed to set your mind at ease.

Once it is time for the meeting, a team member will escort you into one of our conference rooms. In our meeting, we will discuss the biographical information of the family, family income, vocational experience, business interests, assets, liabilities, daily life, health issues, educational concerns and insurance coverage. Once we have the basics, we will simply ask you to tell us your life story. How did you get from what you imagined your marriage to be to what it has become? What are your priorities? How would you articulate a positive outcome to a less than positive situation?

The initial consultation is by far the most important meeting we have with any client.  Craig Robertson, Founder  

We Love Free Dialogue and Seek Understanding

Toward the end of our meeting, we will provide you with a folder containing more information. The folder usually has our standard Employment Contract, financial declaration forms with instructions, information on co-parenting and the Mississippi custody factors (if applicable), tools to help organize and evaluate your life story as it relates to divorce and your dreams post-divorce. We may make referrals or recommendations at this point to a financial planner, private investigator or counselor. We may suggest you watch a certain movie or read a book or two. The goal of the first meeting is for us to have an overview of financial information and to begin understanding your life and marriage. Most of the time, we can help develop a plan for the accomplishment of your goals, even if you lack full clarity, and often even if you are totally undecided about whether or not to take legal action.

How Much Will This Cost?

Our initial consultations cost between $300-$500, depending on the attorney you see first. Once we understand all the dynamics of your case, we can quote you a custom fee arrangement. Obviously, the less complicated the situation, the lower the fee. We are positive the minimal investment to have an initial consultation with one of our attorneys will be well worth your time, energy and financial investment. Call our office or submit the confidential online intake form and start down the path to better understanding.  If you are not quite ready, that's fine too.  The more time you spend on this website, the more you will learn about what you are facing.

Good luck and God bless. 


Take the first step.

When you think you are ready to be more informed through customized analysis, the best thing we offer is to sit with you in person or over a conference call to educate you and think through your goals and a plan to accomplish them. This will make you feel better –more informed and more in control. You can start the process by simply calling the office or by clicking the link below to confidentially submit an Intake Form and we will contact you.

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