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Kind Words from those We've Helped.

At R+A we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you - and the confidence you have in us during mostly challenging times. We don't take that responsibility lightly. Thank you to our clients who have offered words of encouragement.

I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work in helping to finalize the child support settlement. You did an excellent job, and I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking expert legal advice.  

I just wanted to E-mail you and tell you how much I appreciate everything that you have done for me throughout my divorce. You have been so wonderful!! I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me through all of this. Through my entire divorce it has seemed like you understand exactly what I have been going through and that has been so helpful... The very first day that I called you, you made me feel so comfortable! You were so easy to talk to and I felt like I could really relate with you. I just want you to know how much your help and support have meant to me. I can't say thank you enough... Good luck with everything and thanks again for all that you have done! You are GREAT!!!

reflecting is a good way to clear your mind. i find myself doing that just about every day. for some reason, i started thinking about last summer the other day. i looked at where i am now; peaceful, calm, sane(well mostly), and...happy. truly happy. then i thought about last year<<{CHAOSDRAMAMADNESS}>> i remember my heart stopping every time the phone rang, and the dread i felt wondering what would unfold next. every day was a whirlwind of emotional overload. several people became a haven to me, but only one guided me through that storm... you. there is no doubt in my mind that God sent me to you because He knew you would take care of me. and you can say you were only doing your job, but you saw me through the greatest crisis of my life to date. there are no words to express my gratitude to you. through this process, i am learning a lot about myself and who i really am-without someone else's definition attached to me. i can be by myself and really be okay. i believe that God has set this time aside for just me and Him. that was kinda hard to accept, but i have and it really makes my life easier. i think i am better for having gone through this whole thing. i just wanted to say thank you for going through it with me.....

Thank you so much for your help. You are a blessing to me. I meant to email you to let you know that I made it back safely but I have been trying to work on these other tests to become certified in Microsoft. I did receive the documents from Lori today. Also I wanted you to see the little girl that you were fighting for, I just hope and pray that one day B. understands that it is never about us, it is all for Z.

Thanks for everything you did to make this divorce as painless as possible. As I said in the beginning, I wanted it my way or I would not be happy. Today, I walked out of your office with a smile on my face. I never thought I would get everything I wanted. If it wasn’t for my faith in God and my trust in you, I do not know how I would have made it to today. Again, thank you for doing such a great job! Hope we can meet on better terms in the future.

I recently had the pleasure of opening some documents from your office and was very elated when I saw your act of generosity. I really appreciate you eliminating the rest of my bill and hope that one day I will have the opportunity to do the same for you. It has been a very stressful year and things just seem to keep getting worse. This was an extreme blessing and once again I am very appreciative of your kindness. I will be glad, and have done so already, to refer you and your firm to anyone that may need your services. 

I just wanted to share a few photos from our trip to Disney World. Thank you once again for all of the hard work from day one. It's your hard work that has made trips like this possible. I have so many priceless memories from this trip. It wouldn't have been possible without y'all working so hard for me and my son.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for my recent divorce settlement.   During this emotional and challenging time you exhibited nothing but the most professional behavior.  You constantly, reminded me of what was the most prudent course of action that would benefit me as an individual. Many times during this experience I overestimated my ex wife value and underestimated my own contributions to bringing this matter to a conclusion. You were a steady source of emotional encouragement and the light at the end of the tunnel.   If any current or future clients would like to talk to me first hand, I will gladly provide a reference.

This is not an easy letter to write. I consider myself fairly astute at putting pen to paper but there are not words enough to express my genuine heartfelt thanks for what you have done for me and for my future. Living 15 hours away created numerous obstacles in trying to hire an attorney that I knew I could trust and would have the legal expertise to handle the complex jurisdictional issues I was facing. I consulted with several offices but it wasn’t until I spoke with Lori and then with you that I knew I had found the one attorney who could not only handle the case with authority and expertise but an attorney who truly cared about the well-being of their client. I have told my story to numerous family, friends, co-workers etc., and everyone finds it hard to believe how quickly and efficiently you took care of my case all while giving me the reassurance I needed that no obstacles were too great and that I finally wasn’t in this alone. The peace of mind you have given me is priceless and I will forever remember your kindness and diligence in protecting my future.

At times we forget that honesty and compassion still exist in our busy society. Each person in your office has renewed my faith in humanity. Lori, you are the very best of the very best. If I were a better wordsmith, I would eloquently describe the care you show others. It is so much more than a working relationship, and no verbal skills can express my appreciation.You know what is in my heart, and you know what you have done for us. Thank you. Ashley, we never spoke, but I understand you worked tirelessly to aid our case. Thank you. Consider yourself Superman Craig, since “Truth, Justice and the American Way” have prevailed. You and your awesome co-workers (I don’t want to call them “staff” since they are far more) all work together like the proverbial well-oiled machine. I never doubted your legal expertise Craig, since your reputation preceded you even 1000 miles from Jackson, however you have now set a new standard.  We hear how slowly the wheels of justice turn, yet in two hours you miraculously changed lives by having a case dropped in Mississippi.  Yes, you have truly changed lives, and yes, you are superior to any attorney I’ve met.  Thank you. The underdog will truly triumph due to your intervention. 

i wouldn't recommend any other divorce lawyer in MS as long as Craig is still practicing law. He is the best, hands down. He prepared me for depositions, and the possibility of court which we never had to go to. I have full confidence in him in when it comes to the law.

Craig Robertson was my attorney in a custody issue I needed to resolve. He was always timely in his response, kept me well informed and was very professional throughout the entire process. Even after the issue was resolved, Craig followed up with me to ensure that I was satisfied. I highly recommend him and his staff!!!!!

It's difficult to handle critical, personal, life changing experiences, but i quickly discovered it was much easier handling it with an attorney & firm that I trusted. Craig & his staff were super professional but also tender and compassionate--all demonstrated at just the right times. I've already recommended Craig's services to multiple contacts, and I will continue to trust him with my own personal affairs.

Craig, please know how much I appreciate your efforts on Tuesday. You have never let me down. There's not one phone call you haven't returned or one email you haven't responded to. Your professionalism is unmatched!! Unfortunately for you, I will never leave you. haha~

Craig, this is an incredible and so very real piece of material that I have ever read.  You are a remarkable individual and I am so thankful to know you.  I wish I could have had someone share this with me when my children's father and I were going through our divorce.  It was due to alcohol abuse and drugs.  We went through family, marital and drug abuse counseling the last 3 years of our marriage.  I would give anything to try again.  Thanks so much for sharing.  God has blessed you.  

I endorse this lawyer. I have known Craig and worked with hm for over 15 years. He is knowledgeable and understands that there is more to family law than just fighting.

Derek Hall

Ending a marriage brings with it a myriad of emotions and financial concerns. Engaging legal counsel who will help you find solutions that best fit your situation is critical to success. Craig Robertson of Robertson & Associates provided me an environment conducive to obtaining that success. From the beginning, there was never any doubt that protection of my interests was Craig’s primary goal. Beyond the legal expertise, Craig and his associates provided professionalism with a caring commitment which eased a difficult situation. Best of all, he achieved my expectations in a timely manner. Craig was the perfect attorney to help me through my ordeal.

Child custody/guardianship case. He told us what to expect, how to deal with it. Takes care of details. As issues have arisen over time he (or his firm) have kept us on top of things. His strong suit is in the courtroom. He knows the law and has the confidence to carry it through. Would reccomend him highly.

I always thought Craig Robertson did a great job on my divorce. After hearing numerous friends tell me about how they had to stay on top of their attorneys and what a nightmare they were, I realized Craig is the best attorney in town!!! There is no one else I would recommend and I use him for any legal advice I need!

Craig is very knowledgable in his field of expertise and caring for his client. I would recommend him to any of my friends if they were in need of a good attorney.

Our experience working with Craig and his team was the immediate display of care and concern; postivity, and honesty. Craig and his staff were always available for questions and updates and to ensure he was fulfulling "what we wanted" when challenges arose (even if he disagreed). We were always informed, sometimes daily; if needed. He advised us about the potential challenges we could face as we navigated the adoption process, what to expect throughout the process, challenged us to give careful thought as to what we were requesting and future effects on our family and child....he then supported us 100% along that journey. We were expecting multiple court appearnaces; however, TPR and adoption was completed within one afternoon. Highly recommend him!

Craig Robertson and his firm have represented our family two different times in two extremely different scenarios. In both cases, Craig and his team advocated for us as if they were representing themselves. It was always truthful, consistent, and in our best interest.

I have found Craig to be completely trustworthy in all of our dealings. He has been proactive in reaching out to us to keep us apprised of what was happening, and in every case demonstrated a depth of knowledge of the law that applied to our case.

I would highly recommend Craig.

Hey Craig, just wanted to give you a quick update on things......... I have not heard nor seen him in a month....glad of that----- just did not expect it---- from everyone saying he would bug me for sure and he hasn't.  So that is a relief.  I am moving on, looking at homes and right now, staying at my best friends house....she is a breath of fresh air and comforting for me.  Enjoyed the pictures of Cancun.  Hope it was looked like it. Thanks for all your help and NOT being the typical lawyer one reads about and hears about.  I really appreciate it. Have a good day and will update soon. Thanks again

Matthew Easterling was the epitome of both professionalism and compassion as he helped our family during an absolute legal crisis. Our case was unique in many aspects; including the fact that a criminal court component was involved. He not only handled our family court issues wonderfully, but he was an asset to our criminal attorney in those proceedings as well.

We appreciated his realistic approach and his candor - giving us the truths of the matter and not expressing just what we wanted to hear. We highly recommend you meet with him if you are ever need of family legal services.

During the darkest days of my life I was referred to Matt Easterling by a family member. He represented me in a very complicated custody case and divorce. And then again when the situation got worse. I was being attacked at every angle and I felt like Matt came to my rescue. He worked endlessly on my case to help me get the results that I was happy and comfortable with. I felt he was very knowledgeable and always felt like I was in good hands. I would not only recommend him, but highly recommend him to anyone in need. Thanks, Matt! For everything!

Mr. Easterling: I cannot find the words to express my gratitude to you for your assistance with my legal issues. From my very first conversation with you, I felt very much relaxed and at ease. I felt that I finally found someone who would listen to me completely and hear me. You are easy to talk to and very knowledgeable, I admire that. You are also open and honest. You addressed all of my concerns respectfully and without delay. I like the fact that you did not sugar coat anything. You gave the facts and truths even though some of them I did not want to hear. Thank you for keeping me in the present and not letting me linger in the past during our conversations. I really admire how you kept me straight at ALL times on the financial aspects of this case. Thank you for helping me understand all angles of my case. I was only able to understand the issues one way, but you helped me understand them a different way. I think that you are truly gifted, and I feel blessed to have had you represent me. I can never say thank you enough, but please know that I am deeply grateful.

Craig handled my divorce with sympathy and efficiency. While being very clear he is not a proponent for divorce, he was very straight forward about the facts of my case which made the reality less stressful. I greatly appreciated his efficient pace in moving forward. He was prepared to take a document to the court when he was on vacation with his family. He and his staff are discreet, caring and non-judgmental which made a very difficult and uncomfortable process a little easier. Finally, Craig was very clear up front about his role and the cost involved. It is without hesitation I recommend Craig Robertson.

I hope all is well with you and your family. Everything is going great here. A. is doing well and flourishing. Mom is here to help me and we never really have to worry about S. Last we heard she was out on bond and had run up north. Doesn't matter to us we are all doing great. Thanks again for giving us a chance at a great life with A. We never take that for granted.

I hope everything is going well for you.  I cannot remember if I ever told you, but I could not have had any better representation during my divorce.  I was elated to see that someone really was excited about their job.  Your wealth of knowledge about family law made me realize that I had chosen representation correctly.  Thank you for the personal attention that you shared with me.  This ordeal was very difficult for me, but I greatly appreciate you helping me through it.  I honestly believe that if it would not have been for you, that I would have made some not so wise decisions about my divorce.  Thank you again.

I just want to thank you for the wonderful presentation of our case and all of the hard work you put into it. I am struggling to find the words to express the gratitude of my family and me. Thank you again.

I cannot begin to thank you for your tireless work on my behalf. It was my great pleasure to be able to work with such a pleasant, professional, carrying group. I have to tell you that it was so very hard the first few times I came into the office. But you and your staff always made me feel at ease and welcomed. Thank you for that…I have learned through all this more than ever that His Grace is sufficient. I never stopped praying for you or the staff and I will continue to pray for you all. Please give them all my love and thanks…I will be fine. I am fine.

Craig's excellent reputation is well deserved. He works hard for his clients and goes the extra mile to achieve the results they seek. I endorse this lawyer.

 Jonathan Day

Craig is an experienced family law attorney who handles his cases in a professional manner to get the best possible result for his clients. 

Lee Turner 

When I first met Craig and his team I was broken. When my husband asked me for a divorce I was terrified because I was a stay at home mom with two small children. However, after my first meeting with Craig I left with a sense of peace. I left feeling empowered and with the knowledge I needed to proceed with the divorce. Thanks to Craig and his amazing team I was able to not only dissolve my marriage extremely timely but with dignity.
Craig and his staff went over and beyond their duties to keep me informed. I never had to wonder what was happening. They were unbelievably supportive and patient with me. I had never been to an attorney's office or had any experience dealing with legal matters, but they made sure I understood the process.
The dissolve of my marriage was extremely emotional for me and the children but thanks to Craig and this staff I never felt like I was out of control. I knew that they were going to do their best of make sure that I received what I needed with the divorce settlement and I did. When I share my divorce story with others no on can believe how quick the divorce completed. I often have people tell me that they wished they had Craig to represent them. It saddens me to hear the negative experiences that people have had with their attorneys.
If you are faced with the decision of having to choice an attorney I strongly urge you to contact Craig and his staff. I know without a shadow of a doubt that they will do their best to help you also. I promise you will leave full of knowledge and the tools you need to proceed in your situation.

I endorse this lawyer. I first met Craig when we litigated a difficult custody battle over ten years ago. He was like a bull dog that wouldn't let go. His approach in that case was appropriate and effective. Since that time, I have come to know him both personally and professionally. He is a highly motivated and inspirational man. Craig wants to make a difference in this community and this world. This drive comes from a deep Christian faith. As a professional, he brings a mature and civil approach, balanced with effective advocacy. I cannot recommend any other lawyer more highly. 

Mark Chinn

Matt has helped me through a few of the roughest times in my life. I remember the first day I met with Matt in 2010, I walked in nervous and unsure and walked out feeling comforted and hopeful. He was very professional and trustworthy through my custody case. I never had a problem getting in touch with him. If he couldn't talk right then, I knew I would hear back from him very soon. He helped me get a "deal" that I feel I wouldn't have gotten if I had not hired him as my attorney. After such a great experience with him, it only came natural to refer my brother to him four years later to represent him in a battle of his own. This case was very complex and Matt handled everything to our complete satisfaction. There are no words I can write in this review to genuinely express how thankful my family and I are for Matt Easterling. He is very knowledgeable and trustworthy and has shown us in many ways that he has our best interest at heart. He let us know this was far beyond a "job" to him, as his actions showed his compassion for us all. Matt is a God-Send and we are so thankful for him. I hope you never find yourself in need of an attorney, but if you do, my family and I highly recommend him! And Matt, if you read this THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for all you have helped us through, for not only being a great attorney but a constant source of support to us!

Matt was great to work with. We were very much on the same page the whole time. You were smart to snap him up!

Matt went above and beyond to take care of everything. Yesterday was exhausting, but I knew I was in good hands and I feel that I got the best arrangement possible under the circumstances.

To me, one thing that separates Craig is his ability to see the whole field. What I mean by that is that Craig doesn't follow one simple pattern to handle a family law matter to suit his own purposes. For me, at my age and place in life, he knew there were somethings worth fighting for and some things -- for my benefit -- to let go of and move on with my life. He was so much more than a lawyer in this way. He was a true counselor, and I can truly look back on that experience and say I don't know where I would have been without him.

Matt: We would like to thank you for your diligence and professionalism in the way you handled our daughter's court case. We have read the court report and based on what he was asking for, this was an overwhelming win for her! Without the proper representation this would not have been.

Again, thanks!

Larry and Ann

I would highly recommend Craig as a divorce attorney to any personal friend, family member, or acquaintance. Craig is the most organized and thought out individual I've ever known. He is meticulous in his planning to create a winning strategy. Many times throughout my process, Craig told me I needed to have patience and poise. He drove that into my mind and ultimately the wait paid off. We got the settlement we wanted. Even though my case settled, I've seen and been around Craig enough to know that his organization, planning, tenacity, wisdom, and charisma would be one powerful combination to battle in the courtroom. You have a very strong chance of getting what you want if Craig is leading your charge.

I felt very safe and secure working with Craig and his team. They were caring, professional, informative, and fair. The office was welcoming and made me feel right at ease.

I was going through a rough time in my life during my divorce and Craig helped me get through it.
Thank you so much for being that shoulder to cry on and guiding me in the right direction.

Thanks for all have made this awful time easier just by being willing to listen to my every question and concern...and I know I had a lot of both.

Craig went to battle for me from day one. My ex never filed the deed to the house and claimed we didn't own it, in an attempt to claim that any equity in the house wasn't marital property. She had also closed our bank account and taken my $10k in student loan refunds. There were also several other issues, however Craig and his team were able to handle all of them and get me what was most important to me, my daughter to be with me for the majority of the time. As an attorney and a father, I can refer with Craig complete confidence, because I've experienced firsthand as a client his excellence in representation.

Craig brings expertise and dedication to family law matters of all kinds.

 Trhesa Patterson

I endorse this lawyer. Tough, talented and thorough litigator with best interests of client at heart. 

William Housley

Craig is an experienced litigator and believes in handling divorces in a constructive fashion. He is respected by his peers, trusted by the Judges he practices before, and fears no one. I endorse this lawyer. 

William Thompson

I endorse this lawyer. Craig is an outstanding lawyer in all areas of family law. In my dealings with Craig, I have always been impressed with his knowledge of the law and his trial and negotiation abilities. Craig is a gentleman as well as a aggressive and honest advocate for his clients. He is one of Mississippi's best family lawyers, for sure.

William Wright 

Mr. Robertson handled my divorce. He was kind, supportive, knowledgeable and efficient. He encouraged me when I was heartbroken; his knowledge and skill enabled me to move quickly through an experience I never wanted to have. Each decision was my own, but he gave me all the facts and all my options so I could make wise decisions. I'm so grateful that he was on my side. Should there need to be further action taken on having the terms of my divorce enforced or child support enforced, I cannot imagine hiring anyone else.

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